Cool & Fly was founded by Travis J. Cotton in 2009 as an ambitious High School Senior whom at the age of 17 graduated High School and received an academic and entrepreneurial scholarships to attend The University of Missouri – Columbia. After briefly attending the University Of Missouri – Columbia, Travis later transferred to Robert Morris University – Chicago in 2010 and completed two years of education studying video production before moving to Los Angeles, California in early 2012.


About five years ago, Travis was placed in a environment that was opportune for his many attributes in a fast paced short term rental compound. Travis specializes in the placement and execution of liaising the operations of multiple multi-million dollar properties in and around the Hollywood, California area. Travis has worked for some of the most iconic and notable names in the entertainment industry simply by being his natural self in a well suited environment.


Cool & Fly offers a new kind of private luxury concierge service, one backed by a dynamic network of relationships built up over decades. Our team is capable of satisfying your every need or request from the difficult to the impossible.  Our concierge services are designed for our corporate, residential, and personal clients.  Making sure your requests are being executed with speed, efficiency and professionalism.


Our residential concierges provide discrete, friendly and competent residential service.  We focus on providing a broad range of time saving solutions for residents and building management alike. Each of our concierges has been trained to bring an extraordinary level of focus to each client’s individual needs.


We are aware that Los Angeles is the center of the creative universe.  Cool & Fly  can help meet your traditional and new media needs, such as web site design, digital photography, photoshop, video production, editing, and duplicating.


What’s special about Cool & Fly, aside from the constant smiles and outstanding level of service, is the reach of our company’s connections.  We’ll get your tickets or reservations.   But we can also get you many of those in-demand tickets at a substantial discount.  We can also get you into that club you want to get into or arrange everything you need to throw a party on twelve hours’ notice.


Cool & Fly is innovation defined. It’s not one thing we do. We literally do everything that‘s digital and almost everything but that and we don’t define what it is that we don’t do, just know if it’s that that you’re looking for, then I suggest you look else where because that’s not something that we’re interested in. But for everything except that please contact us and we will let you know if we can work with you on a your next project.


We are an award winning, industry leading, scholarship receiving design and advertising boutique. We don’t advertise ourselves our main focus is our customers and our customers are hand picked. Unlike other companies, Cool & Fly is a invitation only members only company meaning we refuse more job orders than we accept to ensure the vibe is right across all aspects of the company our happiness means more to us than a few dollars.


Cool & Fly is the leading provider in luxury rental homes in the Los ANgeles area. We have the largest database in the grater Los Angeles area and work with some of the best realtors, brokers and leasing agents to get you in your comfort spot.



Cool and Fly is the best, we don’t think it we claim it and it’s what we do. No matter what has to be done we’re your best bet. You have the option of going somewhere else for anything but. Our main mission is getting better and getting the job done and that’s what’s lead us to believe that we are the best. Other people have even said it, from their own mouth. Believe it.